Beginner Kids Martial Arts Classes Enrolling In December

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Kids Gain Confidence, Self-Respect, Discipline and Focus at Northeast Family Martial Arts!

If you are looking for a fun and exciting way for your child to gain self-confidence, discipline and focus, PLUS become fit and healthy, then Northeast Family Martial Arts is the place for you!

Your child will experience a fun and exciting program taught by our skilled, motivated instructors. Your child will not only learn the skills of martial arts, but they will also develop strong confident characteristics that will help them for a lifetime.

Fun, Interesting and Motivating For Kids!

From bullying to striving for better grades,our Kids Martial Arts Classes in Coventry will equip your child with the tools that they will need to succeed in life with confidence and a positive attitude!

At Northeast Family Martial Arts, your child will learn about integrity, respect, courtesy and modesty, as well as the importance of giving back. We teach our students to become leaders, academic achievers, and positive role models within their community.

If you want to give your child the encouragement and positive reinforcement to be their BEST, look no further than our Kids Martial Arts Classes

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To learn more about our Kids Martial Arts Program, please fill in the request information box. Information will be sent to you by email. Better yet, why not enjoy a $19.99 Trial Program (by appointment only) that includes two semi-private lessons and a uniform. It's a great way to tour our facility, meet our instructors, and judge our dynamic programs for yourself.

Benefits of Coventry kids martial arts

  • Knowing How to Defend Themselves in Virtually ANY Situation
  • Developing Unwavering Self-Confidence
  • Developing Self Control and a Positive Mental Attitude
  • Learning to Respect Others and Themselves
  • Knowing How to Deal with Stranger Danger
  • Discovering Non-Violent, Effective Methods for Defusing Bullies

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