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A New Workout with Incredible Fitness Results!

If you are looking for an intense workout that boosts your energy, tones your body, melts away fat, and burns over 900 calories per hour, then our Fitness Kickboxing program in Coventry is for you!

At Northeast Family Martial Arts, our extreme program combines Muay Thai kickboxing techniques with high-powered aerobics, while offering the latest fitness training available.

While using your knees, elbows and American style boxing techniques, you will strengthen, condition and tone your entire body.

Flabby to Fit with Every Kick!

If you want a high-energy bootcamp-style workout that pushes your body to its limits, then this is the Kickboxing Fitness class is for you!

To learn more about Northeast Family's Kickboxing program, please scroll up. We are currently offering a special that includes 3 classes and FREEE GLOVES for $19.99. It's a great way to tour our facility, meet our instructors, and try out our dynamic programs. Simply fill in your contact details to receive information right away!

Benefits of Coventry fitness kickboxing

  • Improved Focus and Concentration
  • Reduced Stress
  • Increased Confidence and Energy
  • A Boost in Your Metabolism
  • Well-Defined Biceps and Triceps
  • Lean, Muscular Glutes and Thighs
  • A Sculpted Back and Chest
  • Six-pack Abs

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