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So you walk into a martial arts dojo, probably for the first time, and you're thinking to yourself "what's this martial arts thing all about?". You take your child into their first introductory class and quickly realize that the character development part of martial arts is exactly what you were looking for. The instructor teaches things like respect, focus and discipline.  Your child is being taught things like "yes mom" and "yes dad"  and you're thinking to yourself " if I could only get this at home".  Now, whether your child does this or not, you're thinking to yourself " I think I like this whole Karate thing. Finally I have somebody else to back up what I tell them at home".  You quickly realize this is something you want your child to be a part of.  The novelty stage of any experience is the most exciting but the question is how do you keep your child in martial arts for the long-haul. Well here's a few tips. 


 Encourage your child before class and after class.  Before class, go over all the great things that martial arts will help your child with.   After class, tell them what a great job they did.  It could be something as simple as "I really like how you kept your eyes on the instructor today".  Those little things go a long way. 

 If you are interested, they will be interested. 

 Every single class I teach I see the students looking back at the parents for approval.  A child wants to look back and see that their parents saw that certain kick or punch and are proud of them. If they see you're not paying attention, maybe reading a book or on your phone they will see that you're there but you're really not there.  If you  are uninterested the chances, are they will be too.

 Momentum is your best friend

 Consistency is key. Have you ever been really excited about something in the beginning only to fall off a short while after? Chances are, you didn't keep up the consistency in your routine.  A day off turns into a week off turns into a month off.  When you're consistent,  you're seeing progress and progress is the key factor in being interested in anything.  


 Be sure to set up a consistent schedule with your child.  If both you and your child know exactly what days and times you go to class, there will be no surprises. Remember, children are usually present focused. If they are "surprised"  with "it's time for Karate" most likely they will tell you they don't want to go. It's not because they don't like Karate but it's because they weren't planning on it.

 These are just a few things that will help the longevity of your child in martial arts. I look forward to seeing your child  become a black belt! 

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