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If you have a couple of minutes, listen to this recording: What my child took away from this lesson.

Last week we spent some time with our kids karate classes speaking about the topic of stranger danger. We asked the children:

What would you do if you were lost or separated from your parents?

We had some interesting answers on this one. Some said "I would walk around and try to find my mom or dad" while others said "I would find someone who works at the store" The best thing to do, in a place such as a grocery store, is to stay where you are. I think we can all agree, that as parents, its hard to shop and keep 100% of your attention on your child. Especially if they are a "runner". Its a very scary feeling turning around and not seeing your child so the first thing you'll do is back track. Summer time is coming up and you know what that means: beaches, fairs and amusement parks. The way to safely plan for these type of environments is to delegate a "safe place" to meet. This could be a certain bathroom area, concession stand, fountain, lifeguard chair, etc... The next question we asked:

Do you know your personal information?

Some did and some didn't. Your child should know at least three important pieces of information.

1.Mom and Dad's first and last name. The authorities cant help to locate "Mom and Dad"

2. Home address

3. Phone numbers. Even if it's just cell phones.

Do you have a password?

Most children and parents alike didn't know what this was. This is just an added safety measure. A password is a word that only you and your child share so in an emergency if they ever need to be picked up by someone they don't know, that person should know the password. It is extremely important that you emphasize that this word is only to be shared by the parent/guardian with people they trust.

For some of you some if this information might be new. For some of you this might be common knowledge. Ask yourself, does my child know the answers to these questions. If not, its never too late. Communicate about this topic with your child. Its a scary subject and sometimes as parents we can get trapped in the thought process of "this would never happen to my child. I'll always protect them". The reality is, NO YOU WON'T. Don't you want your child to know what to do in your absence? Would that give you more of a sense of comfort when you're not with them? Lastly, wouldn't it be worth it to take some time every day to talk about such important information.

Until next time, cover some of these topics with your child. I hope it helps.

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